About Us

We’re here to change how you shop

Shopping isn’t just buying products, it’s buying new experiences. At The Cheese Store we are here to provide our customers with all sorts of products, from different manufacturers, all over the world!

Our Mission

We want to bring you world quality products, at the lowest possible cost and want to see our customers flourish in their endeavors. We want to see you happier and healthier, because of our product selection and pricing.

The Cheese Store is a fast emerging e-commerce company dedicated to bringing you the best quality products at the most affordable prices. We have a direct connection to the vendors, cutting out any middle men, and passing the savings directly to you. Our number one concern is customer satisfaction. We have weekly deliveries and pick ups on most of our items and great customer service!

We are under the ORB and are Cholev Yisroel & Pas Yisroel.